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MEM30505 Certificate III in Engineering (Technical)
Online RPL self-assessment

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James is a qualified engineering technician. He holds the qualification above and exhibits all of the skills required to use tools, devices and equipment to generate a variety of engineering applications.

MEM16006A Organise and Communicate Information

James is a good communicator he is able to maintain written records and can contribute to the team by maintaining good work records to benefit the other workers.

MEM16008A Interact with computing technology

James uses a variety of software applications. He can access and store data that is required in the workplace. He is able to use basic software applications which could be adapted to a variety of other software products.

MEM30001A Use computer aided drafting systems to produce basic engineering drawings

James has experience using a CAD system. He can produce basic engineering drawings and modify existing CAD drawings under the direction of a supervisor.

MEM30002A Produce basic engineering graphics

James can produce drawings/similar graphical representations associated with critical dimensions, tolerances and design specifications that are predetermined. He can identify drawing requirements, prepare assembly, layout and general drawings using instructions, draw sections through simple engineering components and select physical dimensions from manufactures handbooks. James is able to prepare engineering parts lists and issue/file completed drawings/parts lists.

MEM30003A Produce detailed engineering drawings

James can produce detailed drawings of engineering components complete with surface texture details and dimensions. He can produce the drawings in third angle projection, including auxiliary views, sections and assemblies.

MEM30004A Use CAD to create and display 3D models

James has experience with CAD programs and can produce and plot basic three dimensional view drawings. He can set up a three dimensional environment, extract mass and area properties, apply basic rendering techniques and save completed drawing file in various formats.

MEM30005A Calculate force systems within simple beam structures

James can understand and calculate form systems within simple beam structures. He can determine the resultant and equilibrant of systems of coplanar forces and determine nominal sizes for a simple horizontal beam, subject to a combination of uniform and point loading.

MEM30006A Calculate stresses in simple structures

James can determine stresses and their effect on strength and stability of simple structures and mechanical components. He can verify stress levels using appropriate reference material.

MEM30007A Select common engineering materials

James can identify common engineering materials for specific applications. He can verify the selected materials using test results to evaluate the properties of the materials.

MEM30012B Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment

James can apply concepts of mathematics to appropriate and simply engineering situations. He can use concepts of maths, solve engineering problems, use two-dimensional geometry and trigonometry, graph linear functions, solve quadratic equations and perform basic statistical calculations.

MEM13013B Work safely with ionizing radiation

James can working safely with ionizing radiation when performing radiographic testing in a range of industrial applications.

MEM24001B Perform basic penetrant testing

James can perform basic penetrant testing procedures in a range of industrial applications.

MEM24003B Perform basic magnetic particle testing

James can perform basic magnetic particle testing procedures in a range of industrial applications. He applies principles of magnetism and the associated application of basic magnetic particle testing techniques in the field of non-destructive testing. Knowledge of metallurgy associated with the level of application in this unit is required.

MEM18001C Use hand tools

James has a good level of skills relevant to general engineering applications. He can use a variety of hand tools to complete the job.

MEM24007B Perform ultrasonic thickness testing

James can perform ultrasonic thickness testing in a range of industrial applications. Knowledge of metallurgy associated with the level of application in this unit is required.

MEM24009B Perform basic radiographic testing

James can perform basic radiographic testing procedures in a range of industrial applications. Knowledge of metallurgy associated with the level of application in this unit is required.

MEM12024A Perform computations

James can carry out basic calculations and use percentages and simple ratios etc. He uses these skills to calculate length, height, volume etc. He also can interpret graphs and charts in relation to his trade.

MEM30020A Develop and manage a plan for a simple manufacturing related project

James can develop and manage low risk manufacturing related projects. He can select appropriate project management tools and develop project plans, implement planned activities and review project plan and schedules.

MEM30021A Prepare a simple production schedule

James can prepare simple production schedules in manufacturing. He can identify and develop activity plans for production requirements and prepare production schedules.

MEM30023A Prepare a simple cost estimate for a manufactured product

James can apply basic principles and concepts associated with the preparation of a cost estimate for a product/ He obtains tender/cost estimate requirements, prepares simple cost estimates and verifies cost estimates.

** Other elective units may be required to satisfy the whole qualification **

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